Successful organisations have one common central focus; customers.

Customer focused leadership helps to create an environment and culture where this belief flourishes and staff deliver this because they have the desire and appreciation to see customers as individuals and look to understand and deliver to all of their needs. The environment in which everyone works is polite and friendly and people know this is normal and an easy thing to do.

Leaders within a customer service excellence organisation will have encouraged people at all levels to identify who the customers are. Customers will have been consulted with so everyone is clear what is needed by them.

Leaders will approach the strategy for customer service excellence through careful gathering of information on the market place and customer desires – and include discussions with internal and external customers.

Leaders will ensure that staff will have had time to be comfortable and understand their own responsibilities and check out their behaviours in line with the process and know what great customer service looks like and feels like.

A customer focused leader will encourage a period of measurement and honest assessment of progress and encourage people to learn from mistakes. Even after a wave of improvement there is still more to do.